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We supply cleaning chemicals to individuals ,groups, private and government institutions our products are customized in accordance to the client requirements. Some of the lists of our multiple cleaning our products:

Floor Cleaning Chemicals

We provide Floor Polish, Pine Gel, Tile Cleaner, All Purpose, Floor Striper, Degreaser and Floor Polymer

Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals

We provide Dish Wash, Hany Andy, Bleach, Thick Bleach and Oven Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaning Chemicals

We provide, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Foam Bath, Deo Block and Air Freshener

Car Wash Care

We provide Carwash and Wax, Aluminimum Cleaner, Engine Cleaner and Tyre Polish


Laundry Care

We provide Fabric Softener, Green Bar Soap, Hotel Soap and Washing Powder

Hygiene and Maintenance Chemicals

We provide Pit and Latrine, Jeyes Fluide, Hand Soap With Grid and Drain Cleaner

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