We rent out professional cleaners who are well trained and with qualification that can offer Once-Off Cleaning, Continuous Cleaning, Household Cleaning, Schools Cleaning, Professional Office Cleaning, Malls Cleaning. We listen & deliver, our services are professionals, regularly monitored and continuous feedback is gathered from our clients for continuous improvements.

We do proper check-ups and internal training is provided to all our cleaners to make sure that they always provide quality and professional service.

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Residential cleaning

Our trained teams of professional cleaners will tackle dirt, dust and grime and leave your home shining. We provide residential house cleaning services throughout the country. We offer once-off cleaning services for the house you are leaving and/or moving in. Our once-off cleaning services include post and pre-occupation cleaning for domestic and corporate environments.


Spring cleaning

The start of spring is a wonderful time to air out your home and give it a thorough freshening up. Outside, the sun is out, and nature is in bloom – inside can do with the same treatment, too! But reaching all corners and crevices can be a difficult task by anyone’s standards. We know that spring cleaning will not always be the same, every customer is unique and comes with his/her own cleaning focus areas, our trained team is always ready to listen and offer a tailored solution.

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Office cleaning

A clean office space says a lot about your company. Your employees and customers appreciate a clean and healthy work environment. Whether your company requires office cleaning services on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, we will customize a cleaning plan to fit your specific needs, and Homelix Professional has the expertise to get the job done right the first time.

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Monthly, Weekly, Bi-weekly Cleaning

We offer different cleaning frequencies according to our client’s needs and preferences. A regular cleaning service is a complete home cleaning service customized for our client’s. Whether it is performed once a week, bi – weekly, every three weeks, once a month, occasionally and as needed. We can surely give you a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed with our service.