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Homelix Group PTY (LTD) is situated at the Reeds, Centurion and is a leading national and international professional staff recruitment and placement company. We serve private clients, corporate clients, government and candidates with the goal of service excellence. We excel in identifying, evaluating, and placing professionals and talented.

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Healthcare professionals worldwide agree that it is in the interest of your child’s health to have him cared for in his own home environment for the first year. The course will equip your domestic worker to care for your baby at home, leaving you with peace of mind to focus on returning back to work.

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Had an awesome experience with my nanny. She was well informed and equipped to deal with my 2 year old daughter. Homelink as become our to go place when looking for a nanny.

Shreyas Bose

Satisfied Client

happy african family

Very affordable rates. I loved that the nanny took the time to get all the crucial information from me regarding any health or allergic reactions of my baby. Gave me a peace of mind

Nakama Anelisa

Regular client


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As a babysitter,you mighty have to decide how to handle a challenging situation on your own.This is the main reason parents hired you.When you are faced with tough situation,use the FIND decision-making model to help you decide what to do:

Step 1:Find out the problem.
Step 2: Identify possible solutions.
Step 3: Name pros and cons for each solutions.
Step 4:Decide which solution is the best, then act on it.

Remember :Parents rely on the Babysitters to make good decisions whenever they are not around their children's.

#Homelix Professional Staffing.
#Changing lives and transforming people.
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#Homelix Professional Staffings.
#Changing lives and transforming people.

Communication with Adults:

A good babysitter should also be able to communicate with adults . They way you speak with parents can highlight your leadership skills and increase the chances that they will hire you.

When talking to adults,follow these guidelines:

-Be positive.
-Be specific.
-Be honest
-Be polite.
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#Homelix Professional Staffing.
#Changing lives and transforming people.

Communication with Children's:

It is especially important babysitters to know how to talk and listen to children.Remember the following when you are speaking with children:
-Keep it simple.
-Keep it positive.
-Be specific.
-Show courtesy and respect.
-Stay calm.
-Show you are listening.
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2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago


Babysitters should respect each family's and child's diversity.Childern are diverse in the following ways;
-Age and developmental stage.
-Cultural differences.
-Religious beliefs.
-Family members.
-Children with special needs.
-Family income.
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